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Concern for the environment always begins from within oneself.

True to the adage, Aishwarya Homes, under the stewardship of G. Shankar has crafted layouts and apartments that has ‘Nature First’ as the ongoing concept.

Bangalore-based, Aishwarya Homes employs the time – tested concept of Vaastu whilst acquiring and planning layouts and homes. Judiciously combining modern engineering techniques with these traditional values, the company has captured the loyalty of many a family who has invested in its properties.

Honesty and a professional outlook, coupled with discipline and a will to please are the benchmarks of this vibrant real estate investment company.

Indeed the properties it has for sale and the growing profile of families who entrust their investments are a matter of pride. All locations are carefully chosen and subsequently designed keeping in mind the weather elements, need for privacy and ‘lung’ space.

Aishwarya Homes is here to stay. With the customer.

Our Philisophy

Aishwarya Homes hold a set of beliefs that give common use and a sense of purpose across business.
  • Having respect for the individual and recognizing that people are our greatest asset.
  • By nurturing, through the plots we offer, an enduring relationship with our esteemed customers.
  • By responding to our customers clearly and promptly and with the respect, to which each customer is entitled.
  • We achieve these through an unmatched spirit of dedication and through our key strengths of team, integrity, leadership, service and customer focus

The Team

A builder and a Developer himself, Mr. G. Shanker has got a vast experience in Real Estate activities. He has undertaken several projects and is responsible for masterminding a number of Layouts and giving life to several Apartments.

Under his inestimable experience of over several decades in the field of real estate as a guiding light, the well seasoned team at "Aishwarya Homes" is striving for creating an atmosphere of green, clean and pollution free environment top with comfort and high quality living at affordable cost by one and all.

Managers Phone Number
Venkat 98860 54311
G. Chandrasekhar 98806 44896
Jagadeesh 98455 49561
Mahendra Naik 94496 23721
Vinay G 98809 74900
Pramood  94486 84414
Vasudevan Reddy 99454 16386
Ravindra Babu 94496 12304
Santhosh G 98456 88447
Sudhakar G 99008 47459
Sekhar Reddy P R 98456 44558
Srinivas G 99452 31909
Raja G 98453 33669

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